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The hard truth about soft fruit

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During these cold winter months I long for the sensation of biting into a ripe peach or a deliciously soft strawberry. It is possible to get my hands on some fruit now, however, they are certainly not as mouth-watering as in summer. They are hard, and sour and make me miserable. … Read more

Tapeworms have the life we all want – A christmas episode

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Deck the halls and snatch the gravy, it’s a Christmas episode of your favourite plant podcast that is hosted by Tegan and Joram! In this year’s final episode, we’re bringing you one last time in 2020 all the facts and bits of information you never knew you needed. Moth Cyborgs? Check. Zombees? Check. Way too much talking about Christmas music? CHECK. Please enjoy this episode, and have a wonderful winter break. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, everyone!… Read more

Deliberately making mistakes

Scientists, ultimately, want to understand things. And while true understanding, often comes through patience and skill – months or years of careful observation and measured experimentation – a lot of the time, the fastest way to understand something, is to F*** that something up.… Read more