Pavlov’s pea plants

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This week, we’re talking about plant intelligence and whether or not a pea plant can be conditioned like a dog. … Read more

Not red means not recording

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There is an important part in recording a podcast and that is hitting the record button. As one of us missed that crucial input for this week’s episode, the sound is a bit… not great. Don’t worry though, the stories we tell are making up ten-fold for the lack audio quality. We talk about how scientists developed a way to use soap bubbles to pollinate plants! … Read more


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First things first: Black Lives Matter. After a short break, we’re back with a new episode, we first address the issue at hand of police brutality against people of colour and what it means to us as white plant scientists. To provide a little diversion from the horrors of the current situation of the world, we also talk about our favourite science and plant related fun facts.… Read more