We’re good with technology

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This week’s episode includes a jump back in time. Crazy, how nature do that. It’s totally not linked to a big mess-up by both of us. No. Really. We are good with this stuff. For real.… Read more

Cretaceous Park

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RAWR XD! This week, we’re all about dinosaurs and old geological time periods. Did you know that both the iconic T-Rex and the velociraptor are dinosaurs from the cretaceous period and not from the jurassic period? … Read more


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Rejoice for we returned. Properly. Full episode. Fun facts. 2 cat facts. Christmas came early. … Read more

Pigheaded Pigweed (Intermission)

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Good news! Tegan successfully relocated herself and everything she holds dear to a new country. Bad news is, however, that the move still took too much time for us to properly record a real episode. You’ll have to make do with this little intermission, where Joram reads you a story we published in April this year. It’s about a superweed!… Read more

There is no such thing as ‘the’ arabidopsis genome (intermission)

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We’re continuing our break from proper episodes for a little longer.

To quench your thirst for plant science, we have another short story from the blog here on the podcast. This time, Tegan wrote about Arabidopsis ecotypes and Joram reads it to you.

Don’t worry, we will be back with our regular episodes in a few weeks. Until then, check out the blog for weekly stories from the world of plant research. 

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Cats and Naked Ladies (Intermission)

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This week, we have bad news. No new episode from your favourite hosts of the Plants and Pipettes Podcast. Tegan went missing in a mountain of moving boxes several days ago, and Joram has a pacifier permanently attached to his face. So instead, we have this little filler for you.… Read more


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Spooky time is over – now it’s all about regular boring plants again. Boring? Not on this podcast! It’s pretty much the most amazing plant podcast on this website. … Read more

Murder (of Crows) Podcast

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This is the spoooooookiest episode of our podcast! We have scary stories, spooky facts and gruesome details about plants and pipettes. We recorded in full costume and would like to see your plant related costumes! Send them to us!… Read more

You know nothing, RuBisCO.

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Sometimes, it’s ok to do a short episode. After all, there is plenty to listen to again on here, so yeah. We talk about RuBisCO research and plants and stuff. It really is like the ones before but different and with other topics. … Read more