Tapeworms have the life we all want – A christmas episode

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Deck the halls and snatch the gravy, it’s a Christmas episode of your favourite plant podcast that is hosted by Tegan and Joram! In this year’s final episode, we’re bringing you one last time in 2020 all the facts and bits of information you never knew you needed. Moth Cyborgs? Check. Zombees? Check. Way too much talking about Christmas music? CHECK. Please enjoy this episode, and have a wonderful winter break. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy, everyone!… Read more

Atomic Kitten – Spanish Moss, Thekla Resvoll, Mentorship and Gender

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After a week off, we’re back with some cool facts from the world of plants and gulls. Did you know that gulls know your every move? There are probably some on the roof as we speak. They see you when you’re sleeping, they know when you’re awake. You better not pout, you better not cry. Sea gulls are coming to town. … Read more

Let it grow – Sorghum spikelets, great paper titles, honest signalling

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It’s good news week! Not only was Trump kicked out of office, we also have major news regarding the Covid and AIDS pandemic. Of course we won’t forget our passion for plants over all that joy, so tag along for a deep dive into the biology of sorghum – plus some cool facts from last week’s science. … Read more

Social Distancing Bats – Venus Fly Traps, Pandas, Chinas Carbon Capture

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While Joram is running at 1% brain battery, Tegan makes up for the lack of a decent podcast partner by bringing a really cool paper: researchers found a 30 second timer within venus fly traps. Plus more sutff!

Paper of the week: Suda, H., Mano, H., Toyota, M. et al. Calcium dynamics during trap closure visualized in transgenic Venus flytrap. Nat. Plants 6, 1219–1224 (2020). … Read more