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I saw the Kew Garden’s giant Corpse Flower

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By enormous luck, a spur-or-the-moment decision to escape to London’s Kew Gardens on a sunny Friday had me running into the blooming event of the season: the opening of the Corpse flower’s massive bloom.… Read more

We did it!

It wasn’t always easy. It was no walk in the park. But with perseverance, focus and endurance we made it to 100 mostly plant science facts! I think we all deserve a round of applause, a pat on the back and a new hoya for the living room. Enjoy!… Read more

Wow, they’re really doing it (ep. 100 pt. 2)

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We underpromised and overdelivered: You wanted 100 facts, we gave you that and a bit more over the span of 4 episodes. This is batch 2: 26 to 50. We have trees, marine microorganisms, old trees, lasers and a plant that cannot die.… Read more

Episode 100 pt 1: The facts awaken

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Yay! It is episode 100! To celebrate, we’re bringen 100 mostly plant science facts to you. Because we can’t ask you to listen to us for THAT long, we’re splitting the bulk. So get ready for the first 25(ish) facts from our giant list!… Read more

My bees bring all the sugar to the flower

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The sound of insects flying next to my ear has never excited me in a good way. The sound usually triggers an intense reaction defined by hand waving, jumping and squealing like a grown man. This is one of the many ways you can tell that I’m not a flower, because if I were, I’d get sweeter by the minute as soon as that buzz appears.… Read more

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Turning Cabbage into Cauliflower

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Cauliflower’s ability to imitate anything from ‘rice’ to ‘wings’, has seen the previously humble veggie rise in power in recent years. Yet while its transformative powers are celebrated by foodies across the world, until now it has remained unclear how the vegetable itself (and its fancy Romanesco variant) evolved from its plainer predecessor – cabbage… Read more