Enzymes are stupid – C4 trees, forest sounds, women saving bird research

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Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! It’s a new episode of your favourite podcast about plants and pipettes. This week, we’re talking about C3 and C4 trees, the sounds of forests and how women disrupted bird research. Let’s go!

Paper of the week

Sophie N R Young, Lawren Sack, Margaret J Sporck-Koehler, Marjorie R Lundgren, Why is C4 photosynthesis so rare in trees?, Journal of Experimental Botany

Please note: we’re using ‘malate’ for ease of communication. We get that it doesn’t always have to be malate, there are other 4 carbon compounds that can do the job as well.… Read more

Succulent chicken – Phytomining, Cyanotype, Boosted Tobacco

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After an uneventful week, our two main protagonists meet yet again to discuss the ups and downs of current plant research. Tag along as our heroes discuss the true meaning of succulent, how to mine Nickel and why blue plant outlines are so hot right now*. 

*in the 19th century… Read more

Pavlov’s pea plants

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This week, we’re talking about plant intelligence and whether or not a pea plant can be conditioned like a dog. … Read more