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Another fortnight, another episode! In episode 2 of the Plant and Pipettes Podcast we explore again two journals from the past months. Joram brought up his favourite topic: urine irrigation of meadows by cows and the resulting nitrogen cycles. Tegan on the other hand talked about research on photorespiration and how scientists found a shortcut that could result in massive increases in crop yield.

Paper 1: Tonn B, Porath I, Lattanzi FA, Isselstein J (2019) Urine effects on grass and legume nitrogen isotopic composition: Pronounced short-term dynamics of δ15N. PLOS ONE 

Paper 2: P.F. South el al., Synthetic glycolate metabolism pathways stimulate crop growth and productivity in the fieldScience (2018).

Joram’s favourite plant is Whiteheadia bifolia. This paper explores the pollination by rodents. He found it through this tweet by @thorogoodchris1.

Tegan discovered Golden Bananas.

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