Bishop’s balls

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While plant science missed out on yet another Nobel prize, you are not missing out on yet another great plant science episode. We have a hairy balled plant, some evidence about ATP and a whole Can of Spinach!… Read more

Party of Pokers

They trained dogs to search for underground orchids and we trained ourselves to talk about it. Amazing.… Read more

Turn humans into moss

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Last week, we wanted to be moss and this week science has listened to us and turned human (cells) into moss. Well kinda. Not really. A little bit. Still, we’re excited to become moss.

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We are mosses

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If we could choose, we’d be mosses growing on opposite sides of the same tree.… Read more

Big British Cheese 1

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Would you trust us if we spoke badly about cheese? This, and other science facts in our newest plant science show for you!… Read more

It’s not you, it’s us

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Sometimes, technology makes our lives better. On other occasions, it makes it much harder. This week was one of those times, the recording equipment failed on us. We still did a fun show full of cool plant science, it just doesn’t sound as nice. Sorry!… Read more

A thirsty secret

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We’re back from our holidays and we brought a big bag of plant facts from the last couple of weeks of plant science!… Read more

The sexy mixing

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This week, we learn something new: have you heard about apomictic propagation? Well, now you have. We also bring the hottest news from the plant science world.… Read more