The sexy mixing

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This week, we learn something new: have you heard about apomictic propagation? Well, now you have. We also bring the hottest news from the plant science world.… Read more

Cat bartering market

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Would you swap your cat for a praying mantis? What about a nice house plant? This week, we are asking the big questions. Also news from plant science, a new biggest plant has been found and more potent cannabis from Israel.… Read more

And by cats I mean dogs

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This week, we’re talking about the worst favourite plant ever, keystone genes and how surfers can be scientists. Also: your dog’s breed doesn’t mean what you think it means. … Read more

Eggplants and Pipettes

It’s our belated easter episode! We talk about the Queen of Vegetables, the mighty eggplant. We filled almost an hour with eggplant facts, factoids and words that merely resemble a fact from a distance. … Read more