We hate bigotry but we love leaves

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It’s autumn! We just came back from a trip to Berlin’s botanical garden and record for the first time ever remotely – so forgive us for any technical hiccups. This week, we got a bit lost in a long discussion about the usefulness of committees as safeguards concerning ethical questions and we promise that we’re usually not that angry.

Tegan’s paper: Dong, Y., Chen, S., Cheng, S., Zhou, W., Ma, Q., Chen, Z., … Xiang, Q.-Y. (2019). Natural selection and repeated patterns of molecular evolution following allopatric divergenceELife8.

Joram’s favourite plant is the water hyacinth.

Tegan presents the work and life of Mary Somerville.

The follow-up to this PNAS paper and this research on gay genes triggered a long conversation about ethics, committees and systemic issues. These are the tweets we talk about: Eugenics based on gay gene research; Problematic images for PNAS paper on twitter

Story on sexist background of physicist Feynman from Caltech letters

The beauty of autumn, the second spring.

This weird celery is the new trendy vegetable.

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Our opening and closing music is Caravana by Phillip Gross

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