Let it grow – Sorghum spikelets, great paper titles, honest signalling

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It’s good news week! Not only was Trump kicked out of office, we also have major news regarding the Covid and AIDS pandemic. Of course we won’t forget our passion for plants over all that joy, so tag along for a deep dive into the biology of sorghum – plus some cool facts from last week’s science. 

Sterile Spikelets Contribute to Yield in Sorghum and Related Grasses, Taylor AuBuchon-Elder, Viktoriya Coneva, David M. Goad, Lauren M. Jenkins, Yunqing Yu, Doug K. Allen, Elizabeth A. Kellogg, The Plant Cell Nov 2020, 32 (11) 3500-3518; DOI: 10.1105/tpc.20.00424

We talked about sorghum before on the blog.


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