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Rejoice for we returned. Properly. Full episode. Fun facts. 2 cat facts. Christmas came early.

We present two papers this week on the same topic:

Tegan’s paper: Maclean, A. E., Hertle, A. P., Ligas, J., Bock, R., Balk, J., & Meyer, E. H. (2018). Absence of Complex I Is Associated with Diminished Respiratory Chain Function in European MistletoeCurrent Biology28(10), 1614-1619.e3.

Joram’s paper: Senkler, J., Rugen, N., Eubel, H., Hegermann, J., & Braun, H.-P. (2018). Absence of Complex I Implicates Rearrangement of the Respiratory Chain in European MistletoeCurrent Biology28(10), 1606-1613.e4.

Tegan’s favourite plant is Poinsettia. You can read about it here and here.

Joram presents the life and work of Edith Rebecca Saunders.

Tegan quickly researched the bias of “Women are Wonderful”

The mould that stole Christmas

Salmon in a fMRI


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