Social Distancing Bats – Venus Fly Traps, Pandas, Chinas Carbon Capture

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While Joram is running at 1% brain battery, Tegan makes up for the lack of a decent podcast partner by bringing a really cool paper: researchers found a 30 second timer within venus fly traps. Plus more sutff!

Paper of the week: Suda, H., Mano, H., Toyota, M. et al. Calcium dynamics during trap closure visualized in transgenic Venus flytrap. Nat. Plants 6, 1219–1224 (2020). 

Article about the paper in sciencenews (with video)
Article on transformed Mimosa pudica by the same author

More about touch in plants on Plants and Pipettes
Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch me
Hungry caterpillar sends vibrations through leaves
Our very first podcast episode, including a paper about touch in plants


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